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Patrick Ion, 30 April 2020

Pictures of recent bloom that dates back some days and is sometimes inspired by whatever I've been posting for others: Hellebores, Primulas, Iris, ...

Three views of a bed in the month of April, and some other earlier spring bloom.

For comparison, some pictures from a similar time and place on 22 April 2012.

Rimmer de Vries, 29 April 2020

The mod-late season peonies are looking wonderful this year in Bowling Green, KY.

Rimmer de Vries, 27 April 2020

Sunny day after lots of rain. Not much in way of rock garden plants survive the 7 months of summer heat here but these do ok enough.

Tony Reznicek, 26 April 2020

Finally, too, we had a nice, passably warm day (though a bit windy). I hope everyone had a chance to get out in their gardens, or at least get outside a bit to see flowers.
And things are starting to come to life in numbers. Trillium season has begun, with a few more species besides the snow trillium, and more rock garden plants are coming out. Here are a few trilliums, a couple rock garden plants, and one odd bulb for people to enjoy.

Susan Haddock, 26 April 2020

Does anyone know if this Anemonella has a name? Thanks

Barbara Haman, 25 April 2020

The sunshine brought out blooms. Unfortunately, tomorrow the wind is back.

Rimmer de Vries, 23 April 2020

T. decumbens 2” tall; T. discolor - 3” tall

Alicia Boyd, 22 April 2020

Ed Weiss, 22 April 2020

My Hellebores! Couldn't resist the third picture.

Michael Greanya, 22 April 2020

Not a lot in bloom right now with the on again off again warmer temps we have had. This is the best I could do for right now. Hope the size of this email isn't a problem for the servers sending them. [2 postings]

Rimmer de Vries, 22 April 2020

Sarcinnia rubra rubra (I think). Even with the frost damaged neck it makes a nice bloom.
Enjoying 70sF in Bowling Green, KY.

Glen Pace, 21 April 2020

This is a Trillium that I had never noticed before. I added a pathway to this particular garden so this plant is more easily seen. Markings of T. cuneatum with the height of T. decumbens. This plant has been here for at least 15 years and appears to have multiplied by division since all divisions look alike.

Also pictured is a picture of Trillium "Eco Spectacular" seedlings. This was a selection made by the late Don Jacobs. The leaf coloration is spectacular for sure.

Tony Reznicek, 21 April 2020

Here are a couple pictures, taken over lunch while dodging snowflakes (ugh!), of two 'bog' plants that are unusual in blooming exceptionally early. The European double Caltha starts blooming at least a week before the native form.

Rimmer de Vries, 20 April 2020

Some plants in bloom now: Silene of some sort; Phlox amoena; Another Phlox amoea
The frosted pitchers, some are still OK after a night of 23 F and covered (after 2 weeks of 70-80F).

Esther Benedict, 20 April 2020

I've been on a hepatica binge the last several years. Here's whats showing. 'String' was started from SRG seed ex seed. Perhaps the most exciting pic of all is the pots of seedlings from Koko--the possibilities!
[Added later by Koko Koreeda] The seedlings in the pots are mixed H. nobilis.

Barb Hamman, 20 April 2020

Spring here in Port Sanilac and it would be warm... if only the wind would stop blowing! Mostly primula with a few other early bloomers.

Tony Reznicek, 19 April 2020

Well, last week brought snow and temperatures in the low 20's -- so we can especially appreciate those plants that resist the cold. Here are a few that came through unharmed, and started to bloom this weekend. The Daphne is very nice — but it's not a fragrant species (at least I can't smell it).

Susan Haddock, 19 April 2020

Things out in my garden today.

Rimmer de Vries, 19 April 2020

Some local wildflowers in bloom near Bowling Green, KY.

Holly Pilon, 17 April 2020

What a surprise, three inches of snow by noon! What next, I wonder?

Esther Benedict, 17 April 2020

April Showers!!? Iris bucharica survived 24°F Wed nite, still blooming despite the snow. I think we have 4-5in out there. One more cold night tonite and then we can go at it again! Maybe mow grass tomorrow?

Rimmer de Vries, 15 April 2020

This one I cannot figure out. Most froze dead (in red) and some is fine.

Ed Weiss, 14 April 2020

Not exotic but but real troopers: here are two of my plants in the rocks.

Julia Caroff, 13 April 2020

Esther Benedict, 11 April 2020

More pics plus a project that has been setting empty for two years--finally got a start on it today. Everyone take care and enjoy spring.

Vince Russo, 10 April 2020

I am new to the group. Here are pics from my cactus rock garden.
I do wish to build a crevice garden and get into alpines but this year looks like mother nature is in control of the world.

Rimmer de Vries, 10 April 2020

3” tall Trillium erectum:

Esther Benedict, 10 April 2020

Bruce Pollard, 10 April 2020

Tony Reznicek, 10 April 2020

Glen Place, 10 April 2020

Trillium started from seed many years ago. I Love my Trilliums! This is one way I can see my NARGS friends' gardens!

Holly Pilon, 9 April 2020

Cyclamen coum & Chionodoxa, Androsace, double bloodroot

Patrick Ion, 08 March 2020

Jacques Thompson, 03 March 2020

Slides from earlier days, ca. 2012

  • Spring sale 2012

    Three enthusiasts clearly transfixed by some garden excitement at the 2012 Spring Sale (picture 9 Jun 2012).

  • Crevice garden

    Inspired by Fritz Kummert's much bigger project, an overview of the Ions' small crevice garden stuck between a driveway and a ramp path (both laid by Bonnie). The garden was constructed October and November 2010. The clump of Iris bucharica at the tip on the left is long over.

  • Rimmer-Herbarium-IMG_9293.jpg

    The chapter visits the UM Herbarium

  • Rimmer-House_IMG_1448.JPG

    Rimmer de Vries's house in Saline where the next 4 items were.

  • Rimmer-Iris_'Thor'_IMG_1430.JPG

    Iris cv. 'Thor'

  • Rimmer-Iris_acutiloba.jpg

    Iris acutiloba

  • Rimmer-Iris_kirkwoodii_x_atropurpurea_IMG_1460sm.jpg

    Iris kirkwoodii x atropurpurea

  • Rimmer-Jeffersonia_dubia_20120318.JPG

    Jeffersonia dubia 2012-03-18