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Esther Benedict, 29 July 2020

Hello all. Hot and dry here again. With water I've managed to have a few highlights in the garden. Including some of my very favorite conifers. Blue Pygmy has been in this trough for about 8 years. A very micro conifer. Esther

Tony Reznicek, 28 July 2020, 12:06 PM

Tony Reznicek, 28 July 2020, 12:06 PM Here are a few things in bloom over the last few days. The Indigofera kills back every winter, but always seems to survive to bloom mid-summer. Colchicum munzurense is a rare species, but very early for an "autumn crocus," starting in mid-July. The true Astilbe simplicifolia is rare in gardens, most of what is sold is hybrids like "sprite" -- but it is a great plant with maple-like simple leaves and doing best on a shady pr partly sunny rock wall. The Silene coronata and Roscoea xbeesiana are too big for a rock garden, but neat anyway!

Esther Benedict, 20 July 2020

Still a few things thriving in the garden. We received a much needed 2 inches of rain last week. Temps are still HOT.
Campanula waldsteiniana is what this seed came as. Doesn't exactly fit the description.
Erica and Calluna are thriving in a high part of the bog bed. We ran short on rainwater and have been using acid injected well water with a pH of about 4-5 in the bog bed. No ill effects yet. Overlook the drip hoses in the photos, I plan on burying them this fall.
Phlox nana is a real bloom machine. This is my original stock plant from High Country Gardens. I really need to get a piece going in the rock garden.
Arisaema fargesii — a gift from fellow chapter member. Thanks! Esther

Vince Russo, Jul 17, 2020

Sedum sediforme plant, select form with turquoise tails.

Rimmer de Vries, Jul 6, 2020,

Ruellia is native in the limestone barrens or and glades here in Central Southern Kentucky. The flowers fall off by noon in the heat.

Esther Benedict, Jul 4, 2020

Esther Benedict, Jul 4, 2020

We took a trip through the UP on our way to Wisconsin last week. Finally hit the right time of year to see the native cyps in bloom. Are the yellows calceolus? We found them growing in the gravely ditch along Route 2, by people's mailboxes. Can you imagine? Can anyone help me on the Lilium? Lilium philadelphicum is the only upfacing one that my book has.

Esther Benedict, 4 July 2020

Esther Benedict, 4 July 2020

Hello Everyone,
I don't know why we aren't all growing California bulbs this summer. We are having another extended hot dry spell. Regardless, there is still a little happening in the garden. In the Acantholimon pic, note the Astragalus utahensis that I sent nice pics of in April. Is this dying or dormancy?!? Well, I can always hope. Collomia debilis has been blooming since mid May. We'll see if Monardella overwinters in the crevice bed. I haven't had much success with it any where else. Stay Cool.

Joan Bolt, Jul 4, 2020

Joan Bolt, Jul 4, 2020

No, they are not mine. They are my sister-in-law’s.

Vince Russo, Sat, Jul 4, 2020

Opuntia imbricata Pueblo Colorado form