Upcoming Local

  • Saturday September 23, 2017; Fall Plant Sale and Garden visit
    at the garden of Ed and Colleen Weiss in Ann Arbor. Further details on the home page.

  • Sunday September 24, 2017, at 1 pm; Hypertufa Trough Workshop given by Don LaFond
    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

  • Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17, 2017; Exotic Plant Show and Sales weekend
    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

Upcoming National

  • November 17–19, 2017
    2017 NARGS Annual General Meeting
    Rock Gardening in the Southeastern U.S. — Past, Present, and Future.

    The 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NARGS will be held in Durham, North Carolina, and is being hosted by the Piedmont Chapter. The AGM will explore the past, present, and future of rock gardening in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions. The AGM will include a welcome reception and presentation on Friday evening, November 17; a full day of presentations on Saturday, November 18; and tours to three gardens in the Triangle area on Sunday, November 19. Additional activities include an optional pre-conference, two-day guided tour of botanically interesting natural areas in North Carolina's Coastal Plain on November 15 and 16, and visits to several gardens in the Triangle area on November 17.

    Details on the meeting as well as an online registration form are available on the meeting website www.piedmontnargs.org.

Recent Local (reverse chronologically)

  • Spring Plant Sale and Garden visit on Saturday May 6, 2017
    Meeting: 11:00am -- ca. 3:00pm; 11:00 -- ca. 1:00 tour the garden; Bag lunch while touring the garden; Plant Sale NOON Changed from 1:30 pm on 3 May to allow more time for Blue Horizon excursions

    at Joan Bolt's, 509 Fendale St SE, Grand Rapids --- see Newsletter and map insert for other details.
  • Kenton J. Seth on a Saturday February 18, 2017: business meeting 11:00 am; talks 12:00-12:45 pm and 1:45-2:30 pm; membership pot-luck 12:50-1:40 pm
    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens auditorium in Ann Arbor MI
    Kenton J. Seth of Colorado will speak on “Crevice Garden Construction” and then later on “Wildflowers of the Caucasuses”, where he has traveled extensively.
    With a degree in sculpture Kenton Seth brings an artist's eye to gardening as well as practical experience. See his site; he also runs Paintbrush Gardens. There's, in addition, a YouTube video on crevice gardening.

  • Fall Garden Tour and Plant Sale at 5623 1300N, Nappanee IN, Saturday 24 September, 2016
    11:00 AM – ca. 3:00 PM at The Benedicts' Nursery in Indiana
    See the 2016 Fall Newsletter. and the Plant Sale Map. [Note the change of date from that mentioned in the Spring Newsletter.]
  • Fall Meeting and Plant Sale , Saturday 22 October, 2016
    1:30 PM – ca. 3:00 PM at Matthaei Botanical Gardens auditorium in Ann Arbor MI
    Peter Korn, “Alpines”.
    Don't miss this opportunity to hear one of the movers and shakers in European Rock Gardening.
    See http://eng.peterkornstradgard.se for his garden near Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Lilium Talk by GLC member Rimmer De Vries, Tuesday 12 September 2016
    7:00 PM at Dexter Senior Center
    Joint Meeting of Dexter Garden Club with Michigan Regional Lily Society.
  • Open Garden: Jacques Thompson
    Our Chapter Chair received visitors 10:00am to 2:00pm
    Saturday 7 May and Sunday 8 May, 2016
    in his garden at 7760 Crane Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 [Google map]
  • Spring Meeting & Plant Sale Saturday, 14 May 2016
    In Port Sanilac, MI, hosted by Barb Haman. More details in Spring 2016 Newsletter—coming soon.
  • Thursday 7 May 2015 toSunday 10 May 2015
    NARGS AGM 2015 at Weber's in Ann Arbor
  • Saturday 24 January 2015
    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor.
    This the traditional winter potluck with lunch. Members heard our own Jacques Thompson, speaking on Witches'-Brooms: From the Woods to the Garden
    “Witches'-brooms” are naturally occurring mutations on tree branches, especially those of conifers, that show a congested or otherwise dwarfed growth and form one of the foundations of the dwarf conifer industry.
    Jacques has searched extensively in Michigan and elsewhere for “Witches'-brooms,” and shared his adventures hunting them in the wild, as well as notes on propagating them and using Witches'-broom derived cultivars in the garden.
  • Saturday 20 September 2014
    Fall Meeting & Plant Sale.
  • Saturday 10 May 2014
    Spring Meeting & Plant Sale:
    at Harry Elkins, Westchester Rd., Grosse Point Park
    Harry's extraordinary small woodland garden in a charming neighborhood contains all sorts of usual plant material ranging from a giant Metasequoia, Cryptomerias and a Torreya taxifolia to many interesting spring ephemerals collected over many decades of gardening. It was a lovely day and we had a good plant sale and preceding auction.
    See also the Plant Sale insert.
  • Saturday 22 Feb 2014
    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor.
    This was the traditional meeting with two talks bracketing lunch. Over 40 members attended and heard two fascinating talks.
    Louis Jordaan from South Africa spoke. Louis is a nature guide and environmental educator who runs an ecotourism enterprise and nature school, Minwater Eco Adventures, at Minwater ("Little Water"), a farm in the district of Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo ("Little Karoo"), in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. We are profiting from his longer visit with the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society.
    The two programs were:
    11:00 AM: South Africa: A Diverse Natural Environment
    This explored the seven biomes of South Africa with the emphasis on plant diversity, ecology, and scenery including especially the Klein Karoo in the Western Cape Province. where he lives and several of the biomes collide.
    12:30 PM Catered Lunch was much appreciated.
    1:30 PM: Nature Pictures That Tell Stories
    This presentation highlighted interesting facts and stories, with an ecological moral usually regarding South African plants, and the interaction between plants and other creatures.
    Later Louis continued his presentations more informally: he took supper with a number of members who were able to find more time at Asia City biffet and then showed even more of his many slides at a home. He is a fountain of knowledge that he is well able to present understandably.
  • Saturday 18 Jan 2014
    Winter Meeting & Potluck Lunch: at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor.
    Bill Brown presented Springtime in Istanbul.
    See [Newsletter]
    So many Turkish plants do well in Michigan gardens.
  • Monday 4 Jan 2014
    2pm at Fernwood Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve, Niles, MI
    Panayoti Kelaidis, Curator of Plant Collections at the Denver Botanic Gardens, designer of its Rock Alpine Garden, one of the best collections of alpine plants in North America, presenting a lively lecture on rock garden plants, plant exploration, and great gardens of the world. $25 (Special: Steve Bornell, manager of plant collections at Fernwood, invited Rock Garden Society members free to this event.)
  • Monday 28 Oct 2013

    Ian Young talked on High Rise and Time Share
    7:30pm–9:30pm at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor. [A special event arranged in cooperation with the Ontario Chapter.] 
  • Saturday 21 Sep 2013

    Fall plant sale at Patrick & Bonnie Ion's, 1456 Kensington Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48178-4817. [September Plant Sale] 
  • Saturday 11 May 2013

    Spring garden tour and plant sale
    at Duvall Nursery, 9950 N Dixboro Rd, South Lyon, MI 48178-4817. [May Plant Sale] 
  • Saturday 16 March 2013

    Peter George [NARGS president] gave his talk Evolution of My Gardens Or How My Gardens Prove that there is No Such Thing as Intelligent Design.
    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor. He followed it with general question and answer session about NRGS and its present role. Before lunch there was a fascinating visit to the University of Michigan Herbarium led by its Director, Tony Reznicek. The UM Herbarium has specimens from many plant collectors famous to rock gardeners, such as Farrer, Rock, Wilson, Kingdon Ward and others. [Photo by Rimmer De Vries] 
  • Saturday 19 January 2013

    Annual winter meeting and potluck lunch at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor 12:00 noon; program at 1:30pm was several presentations by local members: Don LaFond, Tony Reznicek, Rimmer DeVries, Mike Greanya. [We hope to link to some slides from this.] Many benefitted by taking advantage of the distribution of Chadwell seeds. 
  • Saturday 10 November 2012

    Rex Murfitt spoke on Garden Plants for Eastern North America, with an Emphasis on Saxifrages
    at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor [Map]. 
  • Saturday 15 September 2012

    Fall Garden Tour & Plant Sale
    At Clarence Owen's, 3390 Allston Drive, Jackson, MI 49201. 
  • Saturday 12 May 2012

    Spring Meeting & Plant Sale
    At Don LaFond's, 11836 McGregor Road, Pinckney MI. 
  • Sunday 22 April 2012

    Fritz Kummert spoke on Searching for Plants in Albania
    and Our New Alpine House & Crevice Garden.
    Hamburg Senior Center, Hamburg MI [Map] 10:30—15:00. 
  • 1:30-3:00 pm, Saturday 21 January 2012 at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor.
    Don Wild spoke on Dwarf conifers for the Rock Garden. 
  • 1:30-3:00 pm, Saturday 22 October 2011 at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor [Map]
    Tony Reznicek spoke on Alaska Alpines: from Sea Level to the Mountain Peaks.
    Slides of the talk as PDF [Big - 133.9 MB] [© Copyright Tony Reznicek 2011]
    Slides of the talk as HTML [smaller but still slow] [© Copyright Tony Reznicek 2011]
    Slides as an HTML list [yet smaller but clunky] [© Copyright Tony Reznicek 2011] 

Recent National

  • May 19–20, 2017: Study Weekend: Wisconsin Spring Garden Gala in Madison, Wisconsin NARGS Study Weekend, Fri. - Sat..
  • November 17-19, 2017: Annual General Meeting, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. "Southern Rock Gardening: Past & Present". Watch the Quarterly for details!
  • See also the National NARGS list for other meetings around North America.