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Esther Benedict, 31 Aug 2020

Hi everyone,
Just had to send my pic of Lobelia siphilitica 'Mistassinica'. It is so pretty this time of year. I thought I lost it, but had 2 seedlings come up.

Rimmer DeVries, 10 Oct 2020

Some spiranthes here now.

Mike Greanya, 30 Aug 2020

Mike Greanya, 30 Aug 2020

Getting to the end of the “bloom year” in the rock garden. Anyone have a name for the miniature rose?

Holly Pilon, 11 Aug 2020

Holly Pilon, 11 Aug 2020

Here are a few more items that are later summer plants. The first is the white Deinanthe that hasn't bloomed in a few years – D. bifida, knew I had two colors. Then a wild flower I've grown for years, Spigelia marilandica or Indian pink. Very cool. I have two of the orienpet lilies, one gets about 6' with 30 blooms at least per stem, 'Scheherezade', 'Lady Diane' looks like sherbert and is shorter. The lilies can be divided if anyone would like some.

Tony Reznicek, 06 Aug 2020

August is for surprises — leafless Lycoris coming up (sometimes), and a nice surprise from an uncommon dryland bulb, Acis autumnalis. I never could grow this until I got plants from Rimmer that worked for him. Another nice surprise is the late blooming Rhododendron prunifolium. And Heterotheca 'Gold Hill' will bloom from July till frost — here is a small plant in my sand bed.

Mike Palmer, 06 August 2020

My wife, daughter and I spend 2 hours weeding the Rock Garden. There is more behind it that could be done. But that is all I'll be able to rope them into doing! We came in, parking in the front lot and brought our own tools. No contamination of equipment. Here are the before and after pictures.

Hi Holly. Hope you are well!
I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing the weeding job my family and I did last night in the Rock Garden. The weed pile was monstrous!

Tim Karl, 01 August 2020

Olympic National Park, July 14
Hi All, Julie and I were fortunate enough to finally visit my daughter Nicole that moved to Seattle last September. Hard not to think that all of you would have loved to have been there. There will be two more emails of the Cascades and Mt. Rainer. The Alpines were just a small part of peak moments in my life. No I don’t know what they all are, but the lupine.

Cascades, July 18
Here we hiked to a lake and a gorge. So absolutely beautiful, but not alpines.

Mt. Rainier, July 20
Some Alpines popping out of snow and these. Nicole and I did manage to swim.