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Tony Reznicek, 11 December 2020

Now while I'm at it, I hope everyone was luxuriating in the lovely couple days we just had (by mid-December standards anyway!). I know I was — and here are a few things I noted. Winter leaves, like those of Arums and Cyclamen are a special treat this time of year, before they get weatherbeaten. I love rosettes too, like the Androsace in a trough. And even a few blooms. The strain of Helleborus niger from Seneca Hill that starts blooming at Thanksgiving was in full bloom, actually showy. I promise to divide it and bring a piece or two to the spring sale. And I had a late fall crocus bloom, probably C. ochroleucus, but planted presumably by squirrels, not by me — my original clump is near the house where bad weather will not damage it so much. Also, my December blooming snowdrops, Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus are still not too tattered. The first bloom of winter jasmine, Jasminium nudiflorum, popped a few days ago, but the bloom will be frosted and disappointing if more open, unless we have a very mild December followed by a good January thaw where they can open fully.

Esther Benedict, 9 December 2020

Esther Benedict, 9 December 2020

Hello everyone,
Still a few plants with interest in the garden. Calluna Foxii Nana is a 4 seasons plant! We are having it dry and mild here. Outside cleanup is for the most part done. Thinking spring already — Sowing seeds.